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You must be born again

Welcome to Apostolic Church

Yeading Christian Fellowshp


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This is a beautiful story, full of strength and inspiration! Beginning with the missionary hall built in memory of Charles Horace Harcourt, the founder of the Village Missions in the UK, and continuing its journey through various stages and names, the prayer house in Hayes has undergone many changes while preserving its essence and mission.

The emergence of the Russian-speaking ministry in 2002 added another important element to this story. Bringing together immigrants from the former USSR and Eastern Europe, this ministry became a place where people could find spiritual community and support in a new environment.

The goal of reaching people for Christ and their being born from above inspires and motivates the ministry in this prayer house. It reminds us of the importance of faith and service and how the church can serve as a place where people find spiritual refuge and are born anew in faith. "Ye must be born again from above" is a beautiful reminder of this prayer house's spiritual reality and transformative power.


Formed out of the Welsh revival of 1904, the Apostolic Church is a Trinitarian, Pentecostal movement with a strong commitment to church planting and mission. The Apostolic Church is now established in more than 100 countries around the world, the majority of which are now autonomous in their nation. In the United Kingdom we are a network of local churches across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, joining together churches which function with local leadership to develop maturity in the body of believers as well as to communicate Christ to the community they serve.


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